Apocalypse BBQ & Bángara

Polar Opposite Soul Food Experiences @ Coconut Village Bring in All the Yumminess

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Glossing your daily grind, the Kcull Artist Collective @ Coconut Village [2982 Grand Avenue, Ste. B, Coconut Grove] has been making strides to bring different forms of artistic expressions one step closer to your doorstep and soul. Having paired up with every-Saturday’s Coconut Grove Farmers Market to do a slightly different Sunday repeat at Coconut Village, the Collective soon understood that expanding the sphere of artistic sensitivities would be a welcome addition to the creative community and to the public at large. And so, Sundays at Coconut Village are about fusing 3 art forms: the handcrafted goodies on show, the gastronomic wunderbar, and the good graces of socialization, corona-transmuted and ailing as they may be.

Focusing on the culinary arts, we thought we’d bring two vendors to the spotlight who are on opposite sides of the edibles spectrum—lo-‘n-slo pit BBQ Magic vs. plant-based veganvented Puerto Rican fare and flair. Or Apocalypse BBQ and Bángara, as you wish.

Still, intent on universalizing the communal spirit that defines Kcull and the Coconut Village initiative, maybe we focus on what these two creative cookeries share. Well, for one, they are both outtakes on soul food deliciousness, with a local Floribbean twist.

Apocalypse BBQ is all about the timeless craft of cooking brisket and ribs at “low temperatures and delicious smoke, often overnight. The old way is the best way,” is front man Jeff Bud’s sign of respect for traditional barbequing. And yet, he believes that “crossing cultures is the secret key to unlocking the magic.” For example, with their masterful Cafecito Beef Ribs: grind Cuban coffee into the rub and finish off slow smoking beef ribs with cafecito infused bbq sauce. Whauzza! Want another helping of wonderful? How about… “Our Guava Lava Pork Belly Burnt Ends bring everyone’s favorite tropical fruit right into the world of barbeque, and it’s nothing short of delicious!”?

Meanwhile, Bángara brings Puerto Rican soul food center stage. But with the eye-popping and racy twist of having gone vegan, my friend! “The main factor in selecting the protein is getting texture as close to the meat we are replacing. And the key is using similar herbs and seasonings used to prep meat,” insists Bángara’s begetter Jiomarys Alers. Pinchos/BBQ skewers trade in pork or chicken for jackfruit. The fish in the ceviche is replaced with heart of palm. And the ground beef in papas rellenas is now mushrooms or mixed veggies. Top that off with a generous sprinkle of Spanglish—”We authentically veganize traditional Puerto Rican dishes filled with mucho amor! Our comida es caribeña, it’s criollo, full of flavors and textures. Our intent is to share with our Latin familia that we don’t have to sacrifice our cultural flavors and textures by going plant-based,” spangles La Chefa.

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