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Kcüll Masks & Essentials Hit The Spot

Face masks are playing a pivotal role in today’s social exchange and personal healthcare investment. At Kcüll Shops, we thought we’d zhoosh up the entire concept and add color and good humor to the designs while maintaining full operational quality.

While different collections offer individual perks, they share a few features, namely:

  • Designed and handmade in Miami by the best local artists and artisans
  • 100% Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable elastic ear loops
  • Multilayered
  • Tested
  • Availability: Calle 8 in Little Havana & Coconut Village Market in Coconut Grove

We are now offering five full lines of designer reusable fabric face masks.

Caribana masks bring a full-flare Floribbean zest that is hard to escape. From Palms to Tropical, Constellation to Splash, these designs are sure to turn heads or start a conversation… you know, so we don’t lose track of our basic humanity, social skills and love of community that Kcüll has been actively promoting since its inception.

Rojama sports a similar mood, sporting style and bringing smiles with a fabulous array of 100% cotton masks with prints like Colorful Flamingos, Summer Vibe and Lady Bugs.

OK4U is hitting the giddy chords, hopefully bringing out the funny amidst this preoccupying situation. With designs like Braces, Dogs or Fruits, these masks are geared to a younger public and incorporate a functional M-shape nose clip for greater adjustability.

For those keen on less busy options, the Basic line offers block-colored options that still bring a touch of happy to your face: Blue, Maroon, Black, Pink, Grey, Green… They are handmade in Miami with 3 layers —two fabrics and a filter— and individually tested (match test) for added security.

Shine also brings different yet trending masks to benefit both health and lifestyle choices.

Kcüll Essentials include distinct natural soaps and body care products.

La Tina Latina introduces its Sacred Collection, a host of Buddha-themed soaps in different designs and colors, combining nature-friendly eco-additives with the mystical powers of natural botanicals and ingredients. Turn your bath into a deep cleansing ritual of self-indulgence and mystical attraction.

Our Body Care offering features the organic beauty Be product line by Lilly Be, with unctuous and soothing balms, energizing scrubs, and unique aroma perfumes; the exclusive, small-batch approach to aromatherapy facial steams and healing and detoxing clay masks of Alma Aromatherapy; and the revolutionary nano-emulsified and water-soluble CBD-based products that improve skin circulation and promote skin health of Vital Tonics, including The Balm, The Lavender Bath Bomb and The Tonic, among others.

Kcull Store and Marketplace has two locations, with a proprietary storefront at famed Little Havana and a dedicated suite shop inside Coconut Village Market in Coconut Grove. Both Miami Dade neighborhoods have given city, county, and state unique local color and a proud history. As a small business that strives to offer local artists and craftspeople a viable showcase, we intently and selflessly promote the values of community that bond us together and emphasize the pride of place our location brings.

Help us actively protect small business life by adhering to the shop local ethos that many people the world over have rediscovered and are re-enamored with… amidst this horrible pandemic.

Enjoy the rich selection we have at your disposal.

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