Iconic Kcull Calle 8 Celia Cruz Mural 1-Year Anniversary

Original Canvas Mural Replica by Street Artist Miss Lushy
Part of the Celia Cruz Traveling Expo

Coming up on the first-year anniversary of the iconic Celia Cruz ‘Queen of Salsa’ mural envisioned and executed by brush-happy virtuoso Miss Lushy, Kcull and the artist paired up again to celebrate the colorful April 3rd 2021 unveiling on Miami’s main street Calle 8. This was Kcull’s first of the ‘Latin Art Series’, a number of commendatory murals intended to have, first, a beautification effect on the area… to then reap the many benefits —advancement of community ties, buildup of the neighborhood’s economic network, nascent sense of pride, attraction of local and state legislative project building dollars— sprouting from such an elaborate gambit.

On the occasion, native Miamian Miss Lushy has painted a replica of the mural in canvas, an original creation that will be a centerpiece of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History Celia Cruz Traveling Exhibition Azúcar!/Celia Cruz Traveling Expo, now an online fixture displaying the life and music of the Cuban-born role model.

Additionally, Lushy is working on a series of limited edition prints that will be available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY AT THE KCULL SHOP! Signed and numbered by the artist, they are sure to be fan and visitor favorites from the get go.

Miss Lushy is now an established global urban visual artist that brings spray can ‘n brush color vibrancy to new heights, as exemplified by her work with youth improvement non-profit Hope Murals. The granular cultural heritage that she has chosen to represent and pay homage to through Celia Cruz has a personal dimension as she pays tribute not only to Cruz’s musical dynamo, but to her Latin roots and love of music which so vividly represent the worldwide Hispanic community.