Kcüll Spiritual Vibe

Kcull —pronounced cool— is comprised of a 2-location Marketplace in such emblematic Miami locations as Little Havana and Coconut Grove, continues to offer some of the best and most creative storefront products around in town.

Complying with all the necessary social distancing and security guidelines of the current situation, we have remained open for your shopping pleasure and will continue to do so in the weeks and months to come. We say this as a word of encouragement for those willing to embrace the new normal with responsibility, but without leaving behind some of the older finer things, like going for a leisurely stroll and admiring locally produced art and unique products. Alternatively, our website is always a vantage shopping point.

Today, we are featuring the spiritually oriented Rojama store, with three items we believe will enlighten your mind-soul and enhance your sensory intake.

Sage Smudge ($10.00)

Sage smudging, aka, burning, is an old spiritual Native American (Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla) ritual. It is purifying, has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties (repels insects), and through the release of negative ions, will neutralize such pathogens as pollution, dust, mold, and pet dander.
It is also a powerful spiritual tool, helping to dispel negative energy.

Palo Santo Stick ($9.99)

Crackle or divide your palo santo stick into several smaller pieces. Hold a match to the stick(s) and let it burn for over 30 seconds, much in the same manner as you would incense. You can choose to move it around a room for maximum spread or to just let it burn slowly in a small clay recipient. This was also a sacred practice from indigenous peoples faring from the Andes. Ventilation of the room you are burning in is advised.

Chakra Stone Set ($12.00)


Set the mood with this chakra stone set, featuring 7 different stones. Just place under the sun for immediate activation and apply to the part of your body that needs healing or choose to wear one, or several, of the stones on your body. Use alternatively for reiki, meditation and rituals.

Set of 7 chakra stone include: Amethyst (Crown Chakra) Carnelian(Sacral Chakra), Yellow Jade(Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra), Clear Crystal(Third-eye Chakra), & Red jasper (Root Chakra), Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual.

The 7 stones/chakra names in the set are:

  • Amethyst / Crown Chakra
  • Clear Crystal / Third Eye Chakra
  • Lapis Lazuli / Throat Chakra
  • Yellow Jade / Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Green Aventurine / Heart Chakra
  • Carnelian / Sacral Chakra
  • Red jasper / Root Chakra

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