Public Art Builds Community

The power of public art is enormous because murals and public art beautify cities while providing a sense of community. Public art goes beyond aesthetic appeal and works to change the fabric and culture of a community. Art makes the surrounding areas livelier and makes people feel welcomed to walk into your establishment. Cities large and small have long benefited from giving artists a space to provide art and beautification mural projects.

One year ago we opened our shop in the Miami neighborhood of Little Havana, and that one-year signifies a lot in the area since our iconic murals have provided a bit of light to once ignored areas of the neighborhood. Kcüll Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing art to underserved communities thereby encouraging vibrancy and development.

We started our first project in Little Havana where we currently run our first brick and mortar shop. The surrounding building and areas were neglected and we realized the immense need for culturally relevant art that would inspire the local community and impact change. Our mission was to introduce murals that reflected the incredible culture and history of the neighborhood. We began collaborating with a local artist to paint one wall and now we have inspired a movement that has led other local business owners to commission murals of their own. With numerous murals completed and more in the works, Little Havana has become a destination for Instagram selfies and more importantly, foot traffic that will bring about economic development for all small businesses in the local area.

Our work merges perfectly with the already existing sculptures along Calle Ocho. You can walk through the neighborhood and see various murals and sculptures like the Domino Park mural by Dominican artist Oscar Thomas, a take on the first Summit of the Americas in the year 1994 with all participating heads of state, including President Clinton, The Rosters that welcomes you to Calle Ocho and Art Deco Tower Theater, among many more.

Kcüll provides a yearlong promotion of all things art inside our shop and on our online platforms. See our featured artist of the month Migdalia, and check out more of our artists by visiting our website,