Rigo Leon’s Havana Dreams Installation at Kcull

Accompanying Savory & Sweet Pop Up Food Market

Kcull is, among others, an entrepot meant to give local arts and crafts creators visibility and a commercial outlet for their designs. Adding to its vision of a holistic artistic effort that elevates the community it serves, Kcull Coconut Grove is proud to announce the arrival of a Fine Art Installation that will do us all proud: Havana Dreams by Rigo Leon.
RigoExibition2The installation will come up on December 12th and will feature for an entire month at Kcull’s formidable Coconut Village space, through January 12th. “Havana Dreams describes the journey that we all somehow undertake in search of love, happiness, and success,” points out Rigo, a leading figure in Florida’s dual Cuban-American artist clique. Precisely, many of his most important artistic musings and topics derive from his immigrant status, as he reminisces, “Growing up in Cuba, week after week, when I went back to school, another chair was empty. Another classmate had fled, on his way to the United States or elsewhere.”

That was his cue to introduce his most visual anchor, the paper boat. Gracing Havana Dreams, the paper boat is as much an early metaphorical expression of liberty as it is a standard introduction to art in our first classes in school, which delve in expressive origami. “This goes back to my childhood. I began to see those empty chairs as paper boats, which marked the beginning of the trip. I thought of my friends and their families, building a boat to pursue their dreams,” and organically takes it one step further to represent “the dream or dreams that we create for ourselves.”RigoExibition3

Other Havana Dreams figurative symbols are the heart, eye and key, which now feature prominently tattooed on his body. “Without a heart, there is no pulse, no beat, absolutely nothing to fight for. Without an eye, there is no vision. And vision is necessary when you are on that boat looking for purpose. Without a key, how is it possible to open the doors of opportunity and travel on this boat in search of your dreams? In my worldview, these elements are equivalent to Love, the deepest feeling of all.”

Leon’s expansive range of platforms includes bold murals, videography, sketches, graphic design, abstract expressions, and spray paint on miscellaneous mediums like wood, metal or city walls. He is renowned for headlining the world over, from Havana to Rome to Mexico and, of course, in several locations and events in Miami, which he now calls home: the Helping Hand Series at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church and on columns in Downtown Miami, as part of the city’s Art in Public Places Program; the 2019 Miami Marathon ribbon; or a custom line of art-inspired hand sanitizers available hotel-wide at The Confidante.
Enlivening the fine art installation on December 13th will the customary ongoing Sunday Savory and Sweet Pop Up Food Market, a chance to appreciate the art, maybe buy a canvas, socialize and hang outside. Social distancing and masks required —if you forget yours, remember Kcull has many handmade mask designs by local artists—, the market features arepas, empanadas, craft beer, paletas, pastries, key lime pies, and much more.