Show your love this Valentine’s: Shop Kcüll!

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation, and while you shouldn’t wait to express your feelings, it is nice to know that there is a special day set aside just for that – Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s on bended knee, or a sweet note of thanks, make this Valentine’s Day the day you remember the people who make your life so much sweeter!

Giving a gift that expresses your feelings, gratitude or interest is a visual representation of your love for them. Every time your friend or loved one admires the gift you gave them, they bask in your thoughtfulness and care – making Valentine’s Day last a whole lot longer than 24 hours! Even if there isn’t a ‘love interest’ in your life right now, you’ve got you! Show yourself some love by giving yourself a token that reminds you of how truly one-of-a-kind and special you are.

This Valentine’s Day let LOVE be the ultimate gift, but be sure to pair it with one of the many unique handmade products we have at Kcüll Shop to make it extra special. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of eight items to help you find the perfect memento to say, “I love you,” “te quiero,” je t’aime,” “ti amo!”

Check it out!

  1. Corazon Fringe Earrings from Shine Design & Shop ($45) Handmade fringe earrings with beaded heart.
  2. Milagros Hoops from Le Chic Miami ($30) These heart earrings inspired by Mexican Milagros are lightweight, colorful and hand-painted on wood.
  3. Minimalist Bracelets from BASIC MiIA ($15)
    Adjustable minimalist bracelets are a perfect addition to your stack of bracelets or wear them on your wrist watch for added pop!
  4. Gazing Star Eye Earrings from Agata ($30)
    Make a statement with these gold-plated earrings that will add flair to any outfit.
  5. Jaguar Mini Clutch from Cadena Collective ($65)
    Mexican-inspired mini clutch is perfect for your smaller belongings or to carry inside your bag.
  6. Be Love Body Scrub from Lilly Be Organic ($15)
    This sensual blend works with the heart chakra and personifies romance. Experience how the aromas open your heart so that you can give and receive love.
  7. Cupid’s Heart Card from Open Card Now ($13)
    Mirror-image Cupids that evoke the delicate Victorian art of paper cutting, Open the card to reveal Cupids shooting its arrows at a magnificent heart.
  8. Heart Birds by Anatomiko ($5 – $25)
    Illustrations that combined the human anatomy and nature.