Spread good luck with a handmade treasure from Kcull

There are so many good things that happen in March, including the start of Spring and warmer weather, St. Patricks Day and the celebration of Irish culture and luck. That in particular has us thinking about how lucky we are year round to have handmade goods at Kcull Shop. While there is no scientific formula for how to become lucky there are some symbols that you can display in your home or wear for good luck! Check out Kcull’s handmade treasures for one of these good luck symbols..

Today, when you see a four-leaf clover you may think green beer and St. Patrick’s Day, but centuries before this modern-day celebration the four-leaf clover was a symbol of good luck. The four leaves represent faith, hope, love and luck, and were presumed to offer magical protection. It was believed that the clover would ward off fairy tricks. If you don’t want to be ‘played by a fairy’ be sure to wear a four-leaf clover charm.

Elephants are considered a symbol of health, longevity, love, wealth and virtue. Come into our shop and find a handcrafted elephant necklace or painting that you can display in your home. Depending on how you place the elephant and how the elephant is showcase can determine the kind of luck you want to attract, so be careful elephants are known to also have fertility powers!

In Chinese and European cultures, pig charms have the power to bring good luck. These succulent four-legged animals symbolize wealth, good fortune and prosperity. You don’t need to have one running around your house, just pick up a small pig token for some big luck.

And, of course, there is the horseshoe. The horseshoe has power over evil, good fortune and fertility. It reflects the strength and dependability of a horse, but to keep your good luck you must hang the horseshoe with the open end facing upward so the good luck won’t fall out!

Whether you carry a good luck charm for protection, for success, for health or love, make sure to find the perfect item from Kcull Shops. Regardless of what you buy, you’ll end up feeling really lucky you found a handmade treasure!