Sundays Savory and Sweet Market

Savory and Sweet Market is a culinary pop up featuring local vendors with the purpose of supporting the local food vendors initiative. This is your chance to appreciate the art, maybe buy a canvas, socialize and hang outside. Social distancing and masks required —if you forget yours, remember Kcull has many handmade mask designs by local artists—, the market features arepas, empanadas, craft beer, paletas, pastries, key lime pies, and much more.

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  • AJ Sinnabuns
  • Paleta 305
  • Apocalypse BBq
  • Top Dawg Treats
  • Fookems Key Lime Pie
  • Just jammi’n
  • Crafted house
  • Bocados
  • Craft beer market
  • Cafe Vidita
  • Brewing Life
  • Flo tumericteam

Indulge in all of the goodies including:

  • Home-made cinnamon buns
  • On site smoker /bqq
  • Ice pops
  • Organic dog treats
  • Homemade key lime pie
  • Locally roasted Nicaraguan coffee
  • Crafted jams& jellies
  • Arepas made fresh onsite
  • Local beer selection
  • CBD products
  • Crafted nut butter and local honey
  • Kombucha



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