Coconut Grove: The Past & Present

Though the name was given by Dr. Horace P. Porter, Coconut Grove was founded by several immigrants coming from the Northeastern US and the Bahamas. The combination of pioneers, artists, intellectuals and adventurers made the neighborhood eclectic and culturally rich. During the 1960s, bay-shore Coconut Grove was the venue for several love-ins and concerts. The bohemian community was the foundation for the countercultural movement until the 1970s when commercial development began.

Today, Coconut Grove is a combination of condominiums, shopping plazas, and hotels, but two main companies are planning on bringing back a glimpse of its free-spirited history. The Comras Company, a retail leasing, investment and development company and Kcull, a community-based marketplace, have teamed up to offer a retail space for local artists. Kcull already has had success with their first shop located in tourist-driven, Little Havana. Founders, Walter Santiago and Jennifer Noll, have reimagined the area by sponsoring several murals that are now iconic pieces of the city.

“This is our way of bringing people together and helping artists who need exposure, but cannot afford their own space,” says Walter.

The new Kcull marketplace will be within the Coconut Village plaza located at 2982 Grand Avenue. The store will occupy 11 spaces for local artists. Currently the lineup includes: Didirok, Fuenmayor, Anatomiko and the list keeps growing.

If you are a local artist or if you know of a local artist that would like an opportunity to showcase their work, register here. If you’d like to become a vendor of the Kcull Online Marketplace, register here.