Banksy is an English graffiti artist, political activist and film director whose identity is unknown. His art is displayed illegally through graffiti and is famous for its controversial subject matter which is the reason he remains anonymous. This card displays one of his more somber pieces.

The cover shows silhouettes of a young boy and girl as they stand with each other on a hill of weapons and guns, surrounded by a barbed wire heart.

Open the card to a 3-D pop-up of the young boy and girl atop a hill of weapons while holding toys and a red heart balloon as they look at each other. Commenting on war, violence and the state of terror, Banksy illustrates the impact of the ever-present treachery which dominates the 21st century.

Kids with Guns Hill depicts his iconic balloon girl. The simplicity and severity of the color contrasts gives it both beauty and deeper meaning.

The boy, the girl, the small hill, the teddy bear and the weapons are solid black. This focuses the eye on the only bright spot of color in the piece: the vivid red of the girl’s heart-shaped balloon.

A card for an artist, a philosopher, activist, a soldier, a student.  One of our most popular cards .. now back in stock!