Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa!

Our card pages homage to Cuban singer Celia Cruz who reigned for six decades as the Queen of Salsa. Celia produced 78 records and performed in more than 600 concerts around the world.

The orange cover shows Celia dressed in a signature wig, and wearing colorful jewelry, surrounded by conga drums, musical notes, maracas shakers, a mango, Cuban coffee, Cuban cigars, sugar cubes and dominos. Underneath is the word AZUCAR! [SUGAR!] which was Celia’s battle cry.

Open the card to an exuberance of dominos, fruit, drums, cigars, dancing girls, and rising over the scene is diva Celiz herself in a dazzling wig, jewelry and dress. The pattern on the inside pages is taken from the Walk of Fame in Little Havana next to Domino Park. Celia Cruz is honored with star on the Walk of Fame. This is a card for anyone who reveres Celia, Latin music, talent, women, pride, freedom, and joy.